Monday, September 13, 2010

Fraud or Trickery in Massachusetts Car Repossession

As I previously wrote, in the course of a Massachusetts car repossession, it routine (and illegal) for repossession agents to come onto your property late at night, wake you up, and demand your car keys. This is illegal because repo men cannot come onto your property at all or at any time to repossess your vehicle without getting your permission ahead of time.
However, another common illegal practice is that repo agents, when bargaining for your keys, will cross the line and lie to you about what will happen if you don't comply. The ones I have heard most frequently are:
1. We'll damage your car if we have to tow it. First, they cannot tow a car out of your driveway without your permission. Second, they are not allowed to damage your car even if they do. This statement, in itself, subjects a repossession company to liability under the Massachusetts Division of Banks regulations.
2. The creditor will charge you more money if we have to tow the car. Well, taking the car over your objection is illegal in the first place--both as a statutory trespass and a breach of the peace--so as creditor should not be able to impose a charge on your for an illegal act.
3. If you don't give us the keys, we'll just take the car anyway (or call the police). That's a similar threat to those above, but its simplicity and frequency draws attention to a basic fact. A repo agent has no right to do that and due to the the Massachusetts Division of Banks regulations has no right to even make a false threat. If they actually do call the police, this is illegal as a breach of the peace.
False threats, lies, and trickery are not always enough on which to base a case. However, such unlawful act are almost accompanied by others.

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